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Alumni program

Treasury recognises the values and benefit that former employees can offer.

The purpose of the Treasury Alumni Program is to offer an attractive opportunity for former and retired employees to keep in touch with Treasury colleagues, events and employment opportunities. Its aim is to:

  • expand resources available to Treasury, and provide employees and managers with the right people for temporary or permanent filling of skilled positions;
  • provide access to corporate knowledge, skills and experience that have been developed by former or retired employees; and
  • build a community of informed and interested former employees to assist Treasury achieve its goals and strengthen its links to a wider community.

The Alumni Program enables former and retired employees to maintain their relationship with Treasury if they choose to do so. Treasury has the capacity to offer former employees:

  • access to flexible long and short term employment opportunities;
  • opportunities to maintain professional knowledge; and
  • share expertise and mentor colleagues.

The Treasury is keen to hear from former employees who may wish to register their availability to be considered for various projects and individual roles.

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