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Protection Measure for Announced but Un-Enacted Tax Amendments

25 March 2014 | Exposure Draft

On 6 November 2013, the Government announced a process under which decisions would be made on how it would proceed with a backlog of 92 announced but un-enacted tax and superannuation measures. The Government also announced that "there will be legislated protection for any taxpayer who has self‑assessed with announced changes that the Government will not proceed with".

Following consultation with industry, on 14 December 2013, the Government confirmed that it had decided not to proceed with 48 of the measures that were considered in the consultation process.

The attached exposure draft law and draft explanatory memorandum seek to give effect to the announcement of a legislated protection for taxpayers in relation to the relevant discontinued measures. The community's views are sought on these amendments.

Submissions closed on Tuesday 22 April 2014

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