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National Injury Insurance Scheme – Workplace Accidents

5 March 2015 | Impact Statement

The National Injury Insurance Scheme (NIIS) is intended to complement the NDIS by providing lifetime care and support for individuals catastrophically injured in motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, medical treatment injury and general accidents (occurring in the home or community). 

The purpose of a Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) is ‘to canvass the regulatory options under consideration, in order to determine the relative costs and benefits of those options.’ This Consultation RIS contributes to jurisdictions’ consideration of the possible impact of changes to their workers’ compensation schemes in the context of the proposed minimum benchmarks for workplace accidents.  States and Territories may undertake public consultation before enacting any changes to their schemes.

Following consultation, a Decision RIS will be prepared; the purpose of which is ‘to draw conclusions on whether regulation is necessary, and if so, on what the most efficient and effective regulatory approach might be, taking into account the outcomes of the consultation process.’

This consultation process has now been completed

Key Documents

  • Consultation Regulation Impact Statement 1MB 637KB


12 submissions were received for this consultation.

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