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Options to strengthen the misuse of market power law

11 December 2015 | Discussion Paper

The Final Report of the Competition Policy Review (the Harper Review) made 56 recommendations on Australia’s competition framework spanning most sectors of the economy and with implications for all levels of government.

On 24 November 2015 the Australian Government released its response to all recommendations.

The Government will work with the States and Territories to reinvigorate competition reform, find more innovative ways to deliver services and above all to further drive Australia’s economic performance and living standards through stronger productivity growth.

In relation to the misuse of market power provision, the Government has listened to the views of affected stakeholders and decided that further consultation is needed before responding to the Review’s recommendation.

The purpose of this discussion paper is to seek the views of interested parties on options to strengthen the misuse of market power provision (section 46) of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA).

Submissions on this discussion paper must be received no later than 12 February 2016. Public submissions will not be made available until after submissions have closed.

This consultation process has now been completed

Key Documents


86 submissions were received for this consultation, including 7 confidential submissions.

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