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Statements of Expectations

The Australian Government agreed that Ministers would issue Statements of Expectations to statutory agencies. Through issuing a Statement of Expectations, Ministers are able to provide greater clarity about government policies and objectives relevant to a statutory authority, including the policies and priorities it is expected to observe in conducting its operations.

The Statement of Expectations recognises the independence of the statutory agency.

Nine portfolio agencies have been issued with Statements of Expectations and each has responded with a Statement of Intent.

Downloads Download PDF documentsPDF Download Word documentsRTF
Australian Accounting Standards Board - Statement of Expectations 74KB 69KB
Australian Bureau of Statistics - Statement of Expectations 83KB 91KB
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission - Statement of Expectations 97KB 71KB
Australian Energy Regulator - Statement of Expectations 95KB 68KB
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority - Statement of Expectations 83KB 90KB
Australian Securities and Investments Commission - Statement of Expectations 80KB 81KB
Australian Taxation Office - Statement of Expectations 92KB 75KB
Auditing and Assurance Standards Board - Statement of Expectations 73KB 63KB
Tax Practitioners Board - Statement of Expectations 72KB 63KB
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