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6 December 2016

Release of the external dispute resolution review Interim Report

Media Release

Statement from the Independent Review Panel: Professor Ian Ramsay (Chair), Julie Abramson and Alan Kirkland. Two new ombudsman schemes, one for financial, credit and investment disputes and another fo …

26 October 2016

'The economic and fiscal context and the role of longitudinal data in policy advice'

Nigel Ray | Speech

Thank you for inviting me to speak this important conference. Today I will talk about: the current policy landscape; the need for evidence-based policy given this landscape; and how we in …

21 October 2016

Australia's Economic and Fiscal Outlook

John Fraser | Speech

Address to the Australian Government Fixed Income Forum

Introduction My message for you today is that the outlook for the Australian economy is positive. Australia is entering its 26th year of continuous economic growth: we did not fall into recession in t …

19 October 2016

Opening Statement - Senate Economics Legislation Committee

John Fraser | Speech

Since I last appeared before the Committee, the Australian economy has continued to evolve broadly in line with the track set out in the 2016-17 Budget. The economy has now completed its 25th year of …

28 September 2016

Review of the R&D Tax Incentive

Media Release

Statement from the report co-chairs: Bill Ferris, Alan Finkel and John Fraser

We welcome the release of the Review of the R&D Tax Incentive by the Australian Government. We are pleased that it is now publicly available and there is an opportunity for submissions and consul …

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