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Tax Expenditures Statement 2012

Release date: 31 January 2013

January 2013 | Tax Expenditures Statement | ISBN: 978-0-642-74878-2

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Tax Expenditures Statment 2012 - Full Download 1.5MB
Highlights 85KB 134KB
Overview 167KB 476KB
The Tax Expenditure Framework 164KB 177KB
Tax Expenditures 826KB 8.9MB
Revenue Gain Estimates of Tax Expenditures 145KB 4.4MB
Appendix A - Tax Expenditure Benchmarks and Methodologies 192KB 258KB
Appendix B - Changes to Tax Expenditures in 2012 151KB 329KB
Glossary and Index 168KB 184KB

The Tax Expenditures Statement provides details of concessions, benefits and incentives delivered to taxpayers through the tax system.

The 2012 Tax Expenditures Statement lists 363 tax expenditures and, where possible, provides an estimate of the pecuniary value or order of magnitude of the benefit to taxpayers over an eight year period, from 2008-09 to 2015-16.

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