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'Business as usual is not enough' - Address to the Asia-Pacific Financial Forum and Urban Infrastructure Network

John Fraser 10-08-2015
Address to the ACCC/AER Regulatory Conference 2015

John Fraser 6-08-2015
Looking forward 100 years: Where to for income tax?

Address to the Tax and Transfer Policy Institute

Rob Heferen 27-04-2015
Tax reform and the economic backdrop

Address to the Minerals Council of Australia Biennial Tax Conference

Rob Heferen 26-03-2015
Looking ahead: challenges and opportunities for Australia

Address to the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA)

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM 27-11-2014
Innovations in Global Governance: Australia's G20 Presidency

A Special Presentation to the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM 8-10-2014
Enhancing our living standards through tax reform

Speech to the Business Council of Australia/Price Waterhouse Coopers Tax Reform Forum

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM 11-09-2014
The G20 Growth Agenda: Implications for Emerging Economies

Special address to the ICRIER International Conference1

Barry Sterland PSM 21-08-2014
The 2014 G20 Growth Agenda: Why business as usual is not enough1

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM 24-07-2014
Financing the future

Speech to the Melbourne Institute: Social and Economic Outlook 2014

Barry Sterland PSM 4-07-2014
Implications of digitisation for the Australian tax system

Speech to the 2014 Economic and Social Outlook Conference, Melbourne Institute

Rob Heferen 4-07-2014
Challenges and opportunities for Australia over the next decade

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM 2-07-2014
Towards an efficient and stable financial system*

Dr David Gruen 23-06-2014
The 2014-15 Budget and Sustaining Broad Based Growth in Living Standards

Speech to the Australian Business Economists

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM 20-05-2014
Are the Bretton Woods institutions still relevant for the emerging market economies?

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM 11-04-2014
International economic cooperation – Is it at risk?

Speech to the Centre for Strategic and International Studies

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM 10-04-2014
A Treasury for the Future: Organisational Change and Treasury's Capability

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM 20-03-2014
Opening Remarks to the G20 Small and Medium Enterprises Workshop

Barry Sterland PSM 11-03-2014
Priorities for Australia's Presidency of the G20 in 2014 and the role of the Global Financial Safety Net

Barry Sterland PSM 18-12-2013
Australia's G20 presidency - Kicking goals at the Brisbane Summit

Speech to G20 Finance and Central Bank Deputies

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM 15-12-2013
Managing risk in financial markets

Jim Murphy 11-10-2012
Introductory remarks to the Advisory Group on APEC Financial System Capacity Building

Asia Pacific Financial Markets Integration Project

Jim Murphy 13-03-2012
Navigating the turmoil

Dialogue with Martin Parkinson

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM 24-11-2011
Australia and China - Grasping opportunities in an uncertain world

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM 18-10-2011
The China Australia relationship: Recognising the challenges, grasping the opportunities

Australia-China Youth Dialogue

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM 14-10-2011
Where are we in terms of heightened regulation and why are we here?

Mike Callaghan 8-03-2011
The Australian banking system: Challenges in the post global financial crisis environment

Dr Ken Henry AC 15-12-2010
Bank competition in the post-crisis environment

Jim Murphy 26-10-2010
Abacus 2010 Regulatory Affairs Conference

Jim Murphy 18-10-2010
Cross country analysis of economic growth and fiscal stimulus

Statement to the Senate Economics Legislation Committee

Dr David Gruen 2-06-2010
The Australian financial system: Emerging from the global financial crisis

Dr Ken Henry AC 15-03-2010
The return of fiscal policy

Dr David Gruen 8-12-2009
Address to the Australia-China Investment Forum

Jim Murphy 4-11-2009
Address to the plenary session of the China Overseas Investment Fair

Jim Murphy 3-11-2009
The economic rollercoaster

Steven Morling 28-10-2009
Australia's response to the global financial crisis

Address to the Australia Israel Leadership Forum

Dr Steven Kennedy 24-06-2009
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